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Welcome to O.P.E.N.

O.P.E.N. stand for "Opencar; Pleasure and Entertainment Network, Japan" . O.P.E.N. is the club for the "opencar*" owners and opencar lovers.
*The "opencar" commonly used word in Japan which represents convertible, cabriolet, roadster, spiders, barchetta and any other automobile with an open body.

O.P.E.N. is open to all opencar owners and opencar lovers. If you do not have opencar, but you are interested in or consider to buy them, O.P.E.N. welcome your participation, too.

There's no need for member registration, no need to pay annual and/or monthly membership fees to participate in O.P.E.N. No limits by age, sex, nationality/countries of origin of person and/or cars.(Of course, you have to live in Japan if you would like to participate "off-the-line meeting" ). Just come and enjoy the communications both on and off-the-line.

Currently, O.P.E.N. deploy 1 websites at Headquarters(covering central Japan and Kansai area). Each of them hosts the BBS for the on-line communications and various "off-the-line meeting" such as driving to the various destinations. The biggest off-the line meeting will be held both in May and October in Karuizawa. About 80 to 90 opencars with various nationalities and more than 100 participants get together at the Karuizawa meeting. The photo of various off-the-line meeting including the Karuizawa meeting can be found at each website.
NOTE: Above websites are written in Japanese.

If you are interested in the O.P.E.N.'s activities and would like to participate in it, please visit each website (you may need Japanese font to see the content), or contact following address (English e-mail is OK).

In addition, O.P.E.N. would like to exchange information with similar clubs or groups of all over the world. If you or your club may have interest to O.P.E.N., please feel free to contact address shown above.